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The Doolittle Raid

The Beginnings Two weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt held a meeting with his top military advisers. In that meeting, Roosevelt asked for a plan to strike back at the Japanese as soon as possible…

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WWII Operation Market Garden

Operation Market Garden, which included the Battle for Arnhem, Holland in September 1944, was the largest airborne battle in history. It was also the only real attempt by the Allies to use airborne forces in a strategic role in Europe….

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Meet Legend Robert “Bob” Dickson

B-17 Pilot, POW 8th Air Force,  91st Bomb Group,  322nd Squadron, Bassingbourn, England This is an excerpt from the book “Mary Ruth” Memories of Mobile … We Still Remember on the mission in which Robert Dickson was shot down on December 1, 1943….

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Meet Legend Melvin Corley

On July 9, 1951, I’d flown three combat missions since early morning and thought I was through for the day. I’d told my crew chief to pull the Mustang’s cowl and check an oil leak we’d seen. I was in…

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Learn More About Our Legend Major George Semones

B-17G Bombardier 15th Air Force,  97th Bomb Group,  342nd Squadron Letter submitted by: JoAnn Semones, in memory of my father. I completed 50 combat missions which took place from May through September 1944 in the Mediterranean Theatre of War. We were based just…

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Learn More About Our Legend SSGT Paul Roberts

B-17G Ball Turret Gunner aboard Bombshell 8th Air Force, 390th Bomb Group KIA: December 1944 over Germany while on 23rd mission This letter is about the grandfather I never knew because SSGT. Paul Roberts was a ball turret gunner aboard the B-17G Bombshell that went…

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Learn More About Our Legend 1st Lt. Frank Doherty

Navigator on B-24 Lucky Strike 5th Air Force, 308th Bomb Group,  530th Squadron South Pacific These are the accounts of a mission to Celebes. Late in 1944 the island of Halmaheras was planned for landing by American Forces in the island leapfrogging to liberate…

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