Airbase Arizona - Commemorative Air Force

Flying Legends of Victory Tour

Don’t just get to look at the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum’s one-of-a-kind collection of historical military planes – fly in one!  Our tour begins every summer in May and ends in September.

Not everyone can visit the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum for an up-close and personal inspection of our historic warbirds. So in the summer, we take our World War II planes to the public to fulfill our mission of educating generations about the role of aviation in combat history. The “Flying Legends of Victory Tour,” starts in May and ends in September. Our flying warbirds travel to approximately 15 cities in the US and Canada.

Keep your eyes to the skies when our B-25 “Maid in the Shade” and B-17 “Sentimental Journey” fly overhead to their next destination. And come visit us when we’re in your town. Rides and tours are available, but be sure to book your seat in advance because we’ll only be there for a limited time.

Our summer tour is made possible by volunteer Arizona Commemorative Air Force members who attend ground school in the spring and give up anywhere from one to three weeks at a time of their summer and/or fall to go on location with our planes. These members put in long hours on-site, but they do so with smiles on their faces to bring joy — and history — to others. They answer questions, coordinate rides, give tours of the aircraft and sell souvenirs, among other things. These volunteers have a passion for keeping history alive.

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