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B-25 Mitchell ‘Maid in the Shade’ Nose Art Metal Sign


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Vintage style metal signs add nostalgic fun to a home, hangar, office or garage. As in all American Theaters of Operation during World War II, air crews in the Southwest Pacific took great pride in their planes and often named them and adorned them with artworks on the nose of the airplane; more commonly known as nose art.

Every air crew depended on their airplane to get them safely through each mission, and thus grew sentimentally attached to their aircraft. Naming the aircraft and having a symbol of that name painted on the nose of the plane became a right of passage. Bombers, fighters, troop carriers, puddle jumpers; no plane was too big or too small. Humorous, sarcastic, and outrageously risqué, these examples of nose art of the Southwest Pacific Area can all be found in the vault of the MacArthur Memorial Archives. Since The B-25 was restored (made) in the new hangar – in the shade- as opposed to our B-17 which was restored prior to a hangar. Therefore the Maid in the Shade became its name. ‘The Maid’ was built by North American Aviation, Kansas City, KS, in the first part of 1944. Delivered to the U.S. Army Air Force on June 9, 1944 and assigned to 57th Bomb Wing of 319th Bomb Group of 437th Squadron at Serraggia Airbase, Corsica Nov. 1 – Dev. 31, 1944. She flew 13 combat missions over Italy and 2 over Yugoslavia. She was later donated to CAF/Airbase Arizona in1981. After 28 years of restoration, ‘The Maid In The Shade’ flew again on May 29, 2009.

  • Exclusive to Airbase Arizona
  • Nose Art on the bombers were a reminder of the
  • Proud logo of the Airbase Arizona Commemorative Air Force® adds style and identity.
  • Made in the USA of 24 gauge American steel
  • The images are baked into the powder coating for a durable finish
  • Vintage process, by hand, to give the sign an aged look and feel
  • Sign edges are rounded and the corners drilled and riveted for easy hanging
  • Ready for hanging – 13.5″ x 8″

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × .25 in


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