Airbase Arizona - Commemorative Air Force
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Don’t just look at our historical military planes. Fly in one! Learn about the flights

Meet the Legends

Hear rich stories from the people who protected our country during times
of war.

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As part of some of the greatest generations of all time, these brave men and women have much to teach us.

See the Planes

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the rare warbirds we have preserved and restored to flying condition.

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WWI and WWII spawned a new generation of planes that changed aviation forever, including B-17s, B-25s, and more.

Remember the Era

Learn what it was really like to live in and serve our country during history’s most fascinating eras.

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Times of combat led to great sacrifice in America, but also after great success and innovation.


Kids won’t learn history like this in the classroom.
Educators: Schedule a field trip.
Parents: Your child can earn an Aviation Merit Badge through the Boy Scouts of America.  We also have Aviation Summer Camp too.

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Memories in the Making

Every year, thousands of people experience the guts and glory of the Commemorative Air Force Museum and the Flying Legends of Victory Tour. See what it’s like through their eyes, and share your memories on social media using #AZCAF.