Airbase Arizona - Commemorative Air Force

Donation of Historic Objects/Artifacts
Thank you for considering the Airbase Arizona museum for your historic artifact donation. Please read this information before you submit your inquiry or offer.
Pre-screening of offered artifacts by qualified museum personnel is required prior to leaving any objects/artifacts in or on Airbase property.

Q: What kind of historic objects/artifacts are you interested in receiving as a donation (and likely to be approved in pre-screening)?
A: A wide range of items: Historic military aircraft or their intact accessories or parts, original flight logs or diaries of military aviation personnel, original records or photography or recordings depicting critical events or wartime experiences (such as command histories, mission or declassified intelligence reports, squadron artifacts or similar).
Q: What characteristics make common objects more historically valuable to the museum?
A: Basic biographical and service information about the service member or specific event the object/artifact was part of. For example, photographs of B-25s with identification information about the pilot, location, date and event are highly desirable. Photographs of a B-25 with no discernable identification are not desirable.
Q: If the donation is accepted who then owns the objects/artifacts and makes decisions about how and when they are utilized?
A: Once the donated items are received by authorized museum personnel, ownership of the items is documented on CAF Proffer of Gift form as having been transferred from the donor to the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). The CAF pre-screens offered donations to ensure accepted items are a positive fit for our mission and exhibition plans as well as ongoing research. The CAF cannot promise how or when each object/artifact donation will be used.