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Top 5 Most Memorable Moments From 2017 Flying Legends of Victory Summer Tour

While there were many memorable moments from our 2017 Flying Legends of Victory Tour, there were five that stand out the most:

Kingston, Ontario: A Royal Navy veteran is taken back to 1944 when he first saw the B-17 Bomber land in Kingston.  His flight in the “Sentimental Journey” was a “bucket list” item fulfilled.  I threw out the Bucket List

Plattsburgh, New York:  Many people don’t realize that everyone who goes out with the two bombers during the Flying Legends of Victory Summer Tour, including the pilots, are volunteers.  We love to share the stories of our volunteers, including this one about our Plattsburgh OSCAR and why he volunteers for the Arizona Commemorative Air Force. A son’s homage to father’s WWII service. 

Edmonton, Alberta: We do the Flying Legends of Victory Tour to honor those who sacrificed so much for our country. To be able to put a WWII vet back onto one of our bombers at a tour stop is exactly why we do what we do. This was Retired B-25 pilot Gerry Regehr’s first flight in the B-25 Bomber since he flew one in 1958. Second World War B-25 Mitchell bomber brings history to life.

Prince Albert, Saskatoon: We are very fortunate to get to meet many WWII veterans while on tour, but it’s very rare to meet a female WWII vet. While in Prince Albert, Saskatoon, we got to meet Theresa Brassard who was trained as an ambulance driver in the war.  This was her first flight in the B-25 bomber. Veteran reflects as she takes to sky in WWII era bomber. 

State College, Pennsylvania: To spread the word about each tour stop, we arrange a flight as soon as we land with the local press and WWII veterans. Never do the press and veterans know each other before the flight – until the State College, Pennsylvania stop.  The reporter assigned to fly in the B-17 bomber was the grandson of one of the WWII veterans that was also joining us on the flight.  What a special experience for the two of them and we were elated to be able to make it happen. WWII veteran, grandson fly together in B-17 bomber.  

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