The Zoomers by Vesna Ajic


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Get ready for takeoff, something special is in the air

Have you ever looked up in the sky and wished that you could fly? What would you do? Fly super high or chase birds in the sky? To an airplane the sky is a big playground where they can zoom up, zoom down or zoom all around. They might even do a loop or a roll…especially if they are excited about something.

Can airplanes get excited? Well, the Zoomers are excited! In fact, everyone at the Deer Valley Airport is excited because they know a secret! There’s something special in the air! The Zoomers are two very special airplanes that love each other and with the help of the mechanics Charlie and Mike, the Zoomers airplane hangar is about to get bigger. Can you guess what the mechanics are working on?

Find out in the first-ever Zoomers book! You will learn the different parts of an airplane and how they are put together, how airplanes talk to the control tower, plus you will find out what the Zoomers are so excited about.

So get ready for takeoff, because something special is in the air!

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