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The Wrong Page by James Wharton


My Astonishing Life as a Teenager in 1958


The Wrong Page, My Astonishing Life as a Teenager in 1958, is an intimate, humorous, self-portrait of a 14-year-old boy suddenly thrust into the adult world and the seat of government of the most powerful country on earth. It is Washington, DC in 1958. The Cold War is going strong and the country is coming apart. The Civil Rights Movement and Viet Nam War protests take center stage. Unsupervised and unaccountable in Washington, DC, the teen must adjust to living away from home, being alone, confronting bullies, an unfriendly high school, and working in the United States Capitol with congressmen and senators,

The Wrong Page is a fun ride through the halls of Congress and the United States Capitol Building with its secret staircases, hidden chambers and a parade of characters who can only be found in the nation’s capitol.


202 pages

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