Book - Wings Over Sakishima

Wings Over Sakishima by Fredio Samples



This book is a true story about the military action taken by the US and their Allies against the Japanese Army and Navy who were defending two small islands in the region of Ryukyu Islands called Sakishima Gunto in late 1944 and 1945. The two islands: Miyako and Ishigaki Jima with their five operational airfields were the Japenese launching points for their Taiwan (Formosa) based Special Forces, known to the allies as “Kamikazes”. Kamikazes made their final no return flight from these two islands to die while crashing their airplanes into the American and Allied ships during the battle at Okinawa.

This story originated from a mysterious horrifying dream experienced by a young American Air Force man while he was living on one of these small islands in 1964. He was determined to find its meaning.

After years of research he uncovered the true story that has never been written before of the Air Battle at Sakishima Gunto that bagan in late 1944 and continued to the end of the war in the Pacific.


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