Four Came Home by Carroll V. Glines


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The gripping story of the survivors of Jimmy Doolittle’s two lost crews

On April 18, 1942, Jimmy Doolittle led the first bombing raid against Japan. Two five-man crews didn’t make it back. Landing on Japanese-occupied territory in China, two drowned and the rest were captured one by one, as thousands of Japanese soldiers, in a massive manhunt, swept southward from Shanghai, scorching the earth behind them and slaughtering a quarter of a million Chinese peasants.

For the Americans, inevitable capture meant solitary imprisonment, starvation, torture, and for some, death. Three were executed by a firing squad, one died miserably of beriberi and dyssentery; only four came home.

Four Came Home is their incredible story – one of bravery, patriotism, and courage under the greatest hardships men can know.

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