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Exclusive 3 Book Collection and Bag



Exclusive addition to your aviation library available only from Airbase Arizona!

AIR FORCE –  Official Service Journal of the U. S. Army Air Forces – Facsimiles of six months – January 1943 through June 1943. Our armed forces were dispersed worldwide during WWII. Air Force was the primary medium for the exchange of ideas and information among Army Air Force personnel worldwide. This book presents accurate facsimiles of six issues with an introduction by Captain Bernard W. Peterson U.S.M.C.R. Ret. who served in the Pacific Theater of operation in each of the five years of this conflict, both in the Navy as a sailor on three aircraft carriers and later as a Marine fighter pilot flying F4U Corsair fighter aircraft.

  • Softcover
  • 40 pages

Briny To The BlueMemoirs of WWII by Captain Bernard W. Peterson, U.S.M.C.R. Ret. This unique personal account of WWII in the Pacific Theater, through the eyes of a very young sailor, takes the reader into the battle action of the three major aircraft carriers to Wake, Midway and Guadalcanal. The lack of our country’s readiness prior to WWII is noted, as are numerous earlier carrier battles and surface sea battles. Heartrending accounts of the uncommon valor of his companions and their untimely deaths make us aware of their great sacrifices. Over two hundred rare photographs, some never before shown, are included.

  • Hardcover
  • 377 pages

Short StrawMemoirs of Korea by Captain Bernard W. Peterson, U.S.M.C.R. Ret. This is Captain Peterson’s sequel to ‘Griny to the Blue (above). It is Captain Peterson’s own reflection of his personal experience. If his story adds just one small facet to the factual history of the intensive actions in that conflict carried out by all American combat units and their United Nations allies, and if it stimulates additional investigation by historians, it will have achieved its primary aim.

  • Hardcover
  • 398 pages

Sold as a set of three only.

Includes Unique Bag with AZ CAF logo!



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