Book Burning Hitler's Black Gold

Burning Hitler’s Black Gold – by Major Robert Sternfels and Frank Way


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This is the TRUE story of the Ploesti attack from the pilot and crew of the leading B-24 on the August 1, 1943 mission. Burning Hitler’s Black Gold relates the attack on the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania to cut Hitler’s main source of the high octane gasoline for his Luftwaffe plus other petroleum products for his army. The unusual method of using four-engine heavy bombers, B-24’s at tree top level to bomb the refineries makes this the most controversial air raid during WWII. Only the Doolittle Raid on Japan from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific was as daring as the Ploesti.

This book was written by Frank Way, co-authored by Major Robert W Sternfels. Major Sternfels was the pilot of the B-24 called “The Sandman” which was the plane photographed by another B-24, piloted by Captain LeRoy Morgan¬† of Yacaipa CA.

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