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A beautiful, fun, and educational coloring book for kids of all ages.


Yesterday’s Heroes is an educational coloring book that honors the service members and aircraft of World War II. The young and old alike can let their creativity loose and color in these legendary, beautiful war birds. The classic beauty from these aircraft that come from another time and place will undeniably spark your emotions.  While adding color to skies, water, planes, and the fearless pilots who flew these planes into history, one can learn about these warbirds because each image is backed by an informative back page, which can also be colored as well.  You, that special veteran, aviation/military history fan, and kids of all ages will enjoy reading and having fun with these beautiful illustrations.

Product Details:

  • It took over a year to create all of the illustrations
  • Not just for adults, kids will enjoy it too
  • Printed on the highest quality art paper
  • Front and back cover have a combination gloss and dull varnish
  • Designed and made in the U.S.A.
  • 96 pages


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