ABOVE AND BEYOND: Incredible story of Frank Luke Jr. by Keith Warren Lloyd



Above and Beyond: the incredible story of Frank Luke Jr. Arizona’s Medal of Honor Flying Ace of the First World War by Keith Warren Lloyd

Frank Luke, Jr. grew up in Phoenix at the turn of the twentieth century, when Arizona was still a remote and untamed territory.

When the United States entered the Great War, Luke enlisted in the new Army Air Service and became a fighter pilot. Serving only eight weeks with a combat squadron in France, he destroyed nearly 20 enemy aircraft, many of them heavily-protected observation balloons which few pilots dared to attck. The press cakked him “The Arizona CBalloon Buster”.

As defiant as he was courageous, he was frequently at odds with his commanders. He was awarded the COngressional Medal of Honor for his final mission, the day he disappeared.

He was 21 years old.

In June of 1941, Luke Army Air Field was established 20 miles west of downtown Phoenix. Now Luke Air Force Base, it serves as the advanced fighter training base for the United States Air Force and is the largest fighter pilot training facility in the world.

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