Airbase Arizona - Commemorative Air Force
Help us buy a replacement engine for our historic C-47 "Old Number 30"
$18,000 contributed so far!

We need your help!

Our C-47 is in need of a replacement engine which will cost approximately $90,000. This is an unexpected expense and your help will make it possible for us to keep this historic aircraft flying.

Please consider donating to our worthy cause. Every little bit helps.

Your donations are tax-deductible.

You can donate via credit card using the form below.

If you wish to donate via check, please send your check to:

CAF C-47 Engine Campaign
Attn: Finance Office
2017 N Greenfield Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85215

Please include your name, address and email address.

Thank you for supporting our C-47 “Old number 30”!

Alan Urban $25.00
Todd Klimas $250.00
Robert Plagge $25.00
Kurt Schmutz $100.00
Albert Creswell $25.00
Andrew Brewer $25.00
Oscar Lamarche $25.00
Rod Hughes $25.00
Alessandro Fantato $25.00
Rob Danson $25.00
Anonymous $150.00
Ben York $1,001.00
Anonymous $150.00
Raymond Davis $50.00
Anonymous $25.00
Larry Bunch $25.00
Mac Transtrum $200.00
Russell Leier $1,000.00
Fred & Lisa DeWitt $1,000.00
William Dietrick $25.00
Randall Mackey $25.00
Michael Axtell $50.00
Anonymous $10.00
George Cunningham $200.00
Brice LeCarre $300.00
Travis Major $1,000.00
Duane Steiner $100.00
Mel Begay $150.00
Mary Ellen Hood $50.00
Mike Mueller $50.00
Anonymous $500.00
Mike Garrett $100.00
John Cotter $100.00
Ron Meidlinger $100.00
Kimberly Brown $100.00
Tom Gade $50.00
William Davis $50.00
Paula Ashley $100.00
Anonymous $50.00
Phil Baker $25.00
Jonathan Cooper $100.00
Gary Hancock $50.00
Lois Cooper $100.00
Anonymous $10.00
Anissa Flournoy $50.00
Tim Peppe $200.00
Forrest Arvin $100.00
Jeffrey Mountain $300.00
Kevin Jackson $10.00
Harold Cusick $100.00
Mark Du Ree $25.00
Christopher Weiland $20.00
David Skilton $250.00
Tim Hurlbut $100.00
Bill Tomlinson $40.00
Andrew Tee $25.00
Dennis Morales $50.00

C-47 Engine Donation

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