Airbase Arizona - Commemorative Air Force

Summer Aviation Camp 2021

For youth in 7th, 8th or 9th grade
June 1 – June 10
8 a.m. to 12 noon
Week 1 is Tuesday – Friday
Week 2 is Monday – Thursday

Special flight event on Saturday June 5
Cost: $275 ($250 if you refer a friend who also registers!)

We are expecting the Covid situation to be improving. We will be monitoring the situation over the next few months and following the required guidelines during camp.

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Aviation Camp Registration

  • We must be able to communicate with the Parent/Guardian prior to and during camp.
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  • Behavior

    Campers will be expected to follow directions, display appropriate/respectful behavior and get along well with other students during all activities throughout Aviation Camp. Negative behavior may result in a student losing the privilege to attend certain field trips. (In this situation, refunds or partial refunds will NOT be available.) This will be addressed in more detail prior to camp.
  • By typing your name (Parent/Guardian), you confirm that you have read and support this behavior expectation.
  • We will be contacting teachers for referral purposes. Our inquiries will primarily focus on behavior, not necessarily grades.
  • We will contact applicant's teacher prior to registration approval.
  • Media Release Form

    Often times multiple entities wish to interview students and/or take their photo for various district or community publications and/or internet websites. These entities may include, but are not limited to: Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum (and national Commemorative Air Force); Boeing; The City of Mesa - Falcon Field Airport; Newspapers, television stations, internet news sites
  • By typing your name, you agree to sign a media waiver giving consent for your child to be involved in any of the above in relation to the Summer Aviation Camp program.
  • Medical Treatment Authorization/Hold Harmless

    On completion of registration, you will be asked to sign a Medical Treatment Authorization form and Hold Harmless Agreement similar to the following: In the event of illness or injury occurring to my child while participating in Aviation Camp activities, I hereby give my consent for medical or dental care deemed necessary by the attending health care provider or dentist. My child may be examined and any necessary procedures (medical, dental, or surgical), anesthesia, or diagnostic procedures (lab or x-ray) may be performed under the supervision of a member of the hospital or medical office staff furnishing such services. I also acknowledge that I am financially responsible for any medical, dental, ambulance, or other health care expenses or transportation of my child home, which might occur as a result of such illness or injury. I understand that, in the event of other than minor illness or injury, reasonable effort will be made to contact me.
  • By typing your name, you agree to sign the medical treatment authorization and Hold Harmless agreement prior to Aviation Camp.
  • Travel Permission

  • By typing your name, you give consent for your child to attend all field trips for Aviation Camp, including, but not limited to, the following locations: Falcon Field Airport; Gateway Airport/Chandler-Gilbert Community College; Sky Harbor Airport; Boeing
  • Miscellaneous

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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