McDonnel Douglas Aircraft Corp. F4N Phantom II

Serial Number: 153016
Markings: 1972 US Navy for USS Ranger
Museum Condition: Static Display Only

Restored in 1984 by Jack Hayes and 123 volunteers. Hayes flew the F-4 in Vietnam

Acquired in November 1988, from the scrap pile at the San Diego Aerospace Museum, Doug Champlin negotiated talks with the USN to put the F-4 on display in the Champlin Fighter Aircraft Museum is Mesa, AZ. When the Champlin Collection was acquired by the Museum of Flight, resulting in the closure of the museum on 26 May, 2003, the Pima Air and Space Museum of Tucson, AZ, took over the right to display the aircraft. Pima in turn loaned it to the AZ Wing for display.

The names on the canopy rails commemorate the last two aircrews from the carrier USS Ranger to be lost in the Vietnam War. The aircraft is considered a monument to these flyers.

The aircraft is a combat veteran which flew at least 200 sorties from the USS Ranger and the USS Forrestal, later serving in the USNR (United States Naval Reserve).

F4N Specifications:




General Characteristics
Type Fighter/bomber
Manufacturer McDonnel Douglas Aircraft Corp
Maiden Flight 27 May 1958
Introduced 30 December 1960
Theatre of War Vietnam - 1960's
Desert Storm (F4G variant) - 1990s
Number Produced 5,195
Status Active in foreign services and as drones
Crew 2
Wingspan 38 ft 4.5 in
Length 63 ft 0 in
Height 16 ft 6 in
Empty Weight 30,328 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight 61,795 lbs
Power Plant (2) General Electric J79-GE-17A axial compressor turbojets
Thrust 17,900 lb
Maximum Speed Mach 2.23 at 40,000 ft
Service Ceiling 60,000 ft
Rate of Climb 41,300 ft/min
Range 1,403 nm (1,615 mi) with 3 external fuel tanks
Guns/Cannons Optional 20mm Gun Pod (mounted on pylon)
Rockets/Missiles (4) AIM-9 Sidewinders
(4) 7E Sparrow Radar-guided Missiles
External Fuel 5078L (1342 US gal) between (3) external tanks on pylons