Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress

Markings: 457th Bomb Group based in Glatton, England, during World War II with the Eighth Air Force
Museum Condition: Flying

Our very own B-17G 'Sentimental Journey' waiting to take you on a flight back in time!

Needing to fill the Army Air Corps requirement for a long range, high-altitude, daylight bomber, Boeing developed the then Model 299, powered by four 750hp Pratt & Whitney Hornet engines. When the model crashed after take-off on its second flight, Boeing was technically disqualified from the contract, the but Army continued and ordered later models designated YB-17 and YB-17A. By the end of March 1940, the first production batch of B-17Bs were delivered to the Army Air Corps.

The final version, the B-17G model, boasted a heavy defense of 13 .50 caliber Browning machine guns, and could carry a bomb load of 8,000lbs. The B-17G entered service in fall of 1943, and become the most produced model with over 8600 built. Four Wright Cyclone R-1820-97 radial engines with 1200hp each gave the B-17G a top speed of over 280mph (240 knots).

Considered by most to be the most popular and recognized aircraft of WWII, the B-17 helped win the war in Europe by dropping over 640,000 tons of bombs.

The story of our B-17G, Sentimental Journey, can be found by clicking here.

The B-17 went through many refinements, and had a total of 6 different models that were delivered to the US Army Air Corps. The slideshow below shows the differences from models B through G.

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B-17G Specifications:




General Characteristics
Type Heavy/Strategic Bomber
Manufacturer Boeing
Maiden Flight 28 July 1935
Introduced April 1938
Theatre of War World War II
Number Produced 12,731
Status Retired in 1968
Crew 10 Click here for crew position details
Wingspan 103 ft 9 in
Length 74 ft 4 in
Height 19 ft 3 in
Empty Weight 36,134 lbs
Max Takeoff Weight 65,500 lbs
Fuel Capacity/Consumption 2,780 US Gallons in the wings/200 US Gallons per hour
Oil Capacity 37 gallons per engine
Power Plant (4) Wright R-1820-97 Cyclone Turbosupercharged Radials
Horsepower 1,200 hp
Maximum Speed 263 knots (302 mph)
Service Ceiling 36,400 ft
Rate of Climb 900 ft/min
Range 3,259 nm (3750 mi)
Guns (13) 0.50in (12.7mm) M2 Browning Machine Guns
Payload Up to 8,000lbs ordance (short range missions of less than 400mi)
Up to 4,500lbs ordance (long range missions of up to 800mi)